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i <3 turkey legz

i ❤ turkey legz

I dont like the number nineteen. It’s awkward.

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Valentines Day.

So, yesterday was Valentines Day.
I spent the day with my boo [who I’ve been with for 2+ years but this was actually the first time we spent the 14th to-gether] and it was awesome.
First we went to the bank and waited for what seemed like 2 hours.
How romantic, right?
Not really. But we did pay our phone bill to-gether :]
Then we went to Norms and stuffed our faces with steak and mashed potatoes and pork chops and broccoli.
Well actually I ate my broccoli, he threw his away when we got to my place.
Anyway, he bought me chocolate covered strawberries [the only thing I asked for BTW]
even though I stubbornly shared one with him.
And then we headed over to some birthday/valentines day party where we munched some
more [can you say ‘all you can eat tacos’?!] and snuck inside to watch “Belly.”
Best Valentines Day EVERRRR.

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