Dead Flies Art.

dead_flies_art_01Never thought you’d see a fly riding a horse did you? Yeah me neither.

"it's the latest craze"

"it's the latest craze"

These flies are speaking Swedish, so I went ahead and translated. Some of them at least.dead_flies_art_03BTW I found these while I was supposed to be working on a Photoshop project. YAY FOR MULTITASKING !!

Check out the rest of these Swedish flies after the jump.dead_flies_art_04dead_flies_art_05dead_flies_art_06I dont know whats going on in this one…dead_flies_art_07dead_flies_art_08dead_flies_art_09”][he has to sneeze]dead_flies_art_11

"are you bi/bee?"

"are you bi/bee?"


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  1. Hilarity! Nasty, but brilliant 🙂

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